Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Crafter’s Way 224– Paper Table Runner

Flower Centrepiece 4

We’re Having A Party! Not me personally but I have been roped into the decorating committee of one. The hostess has chosen her colour theme of pink and red. I tried to suggest the addition of purple but no go. Never mind I will just have to wear those shoes I bought somewhere else.

The first item we decided on was the table decorations. The hostess wanted lots of flower but the expense was prohibitive so we decided to make our own. Even our DIY challenged hostess was able to help make these.

We used: Tissue Paper in our chosen colours; scissors and staples.

Flower Centrepiece 1

Step 1: Open out the tissue paper but don’t separate the sheets. The tissue paper I bought had 10 sheets. If you have a large flower punch use that, it will be much quicker. I don’t have one so I traced a circle onto cardboard then scalloped the edges. Place the card onto the tissue paper and trace out.

Step 2: I placed a couple of staples into the centre of each flower before cutting out. It helped hold the 10 sheets together and made cutting out quicker.

Flower Centrepiece 2

Step 3: When you have cut out all your shapes you can start forming the flower. Gently separate the first layer of tissue paper from the rest. Twist it up tightly toward the centre.

Flower Centrepiece 3

Step 4: Continue pulling each layer of tissue up toward the centre. As you work out don’t pull the layers so tightly. Continue until there are no more layers. Gently shape petals into flower shape.

We arranged paper flowers en masse on recycled microwave platters which were placed on all the tables. We also avoided the temptation to be too precious with the colour ratio’s on each platter. The randomness worked better. We also didn’t do the final shaping of the flowers until we were at the party site. The paper flowers travelled better scrunched up.

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Hot Fudge said...

I absolutely love them, but purple added to the mix would have been perfect. Maybe I should be on the committee!