Monday, 25 June 2012

The Crafter’s Way 233–Craft Q & A

Over the years I have been writing this column I have received lots of questions via email. Many have generated ideas for the columns others I have replied to privately. After a recent influx of questions I decided to do a whole column especially dedicated to Q & A’s.

Loani Prior

Q: I recently managed to remove some colour from my girlfriend’s expensive bedspread and wonder if you may be able to over dye it or failing that give some advice on fixing the problem? A good deed has landed me in the doghouse. Please help.

A: Oh no, I feel you are destined to be in the dog house a bit longer. I googled the bedspread and it appears to have a self stripe/pattern throughout. This is almost impossible to overdye. I also don’t custom dye basically due to lack of time. If you are feeling very brave and you still want to have a go I can suggest you try Dylon’s Antique Grey. You will need to weigh the bedspread first so that you know how many pkts to buy; I don’t think you would get away with any less than three. Failing that my next suggestion would flowers, chocolate and champagne.

Q: My daughter has asked me to make her a tea pot cover (to keep the tea warm!) also to look pretty. I am wondering if you have any patterns. I knit and crochet so would be very happy if you can find some, I am new here in Australia and not sure where to look for them.

A: I’ve added a couple of links to some free websites. Most of our council libraries have a great range of craft books. Ask the staff for a bit of help to search the catalogue; you can request books from other libraries. and

Q: Is there any difference in all the ‘white glue’ products available.

A: I tend to use the most basic white glue for every project. While it terms of adhesive there appears to be very little difference be careful if you using it as top coat. Some white glues will yellow over time so it is best to use archival quality products for these projects. For more information on glues visit my blog and click on archives 2007.

Q: I want to paint on fabric. Do I have to buy fabric paint? It is so expensive.

A: No you don’t. Anyone who has ever got acrylic paint on their clothes knows it doesn’t come out in the wash. Having said that the benefit of paint designed especially for fabric is that the finished feel is not stiff. You can purchase a textile medium which you add to acrylic paint. This will improve the finished feel while not diluting the colour. This will be economical if you are planning to do a lot of fabric painting. If you are only planning on one project buy the fabric paint.

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