Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Crafter’s Way 232–Craft Book Review

These books all came from the North Lakes’ Pathways Library. I love that it is open on Sundays. I have so many friends with new babies that my eye was drawn to this selection of craft books for babies and children.

knitting baby

Blankets, Bears and Bootees (746.432BLI) by Debbie Bliss. This book contains 20 irresistible knitting patterns suitable for babies’ first year. The author has designed a wonderful range of baby blankets including a choice of 7 styles; from practical to heirloom. The booties are cute and quick to make up while to toys are sure to be well loved. I love the idea of the knitted bean bag style bird. Debbie Bliss is an internationally renowned knitwear designer. Be sure to check out her other baby knitwear books; Simply Baby, Essential Baby and Essential Kids.

Crochet baby

Simple Crochet for Cherished Babies (746.434DAV) by Jane Davis. From knitting to crocheting; I know many people do both but most of have a preference for one over the other. I prefer crocheting. You don’t have to have years of experience to tackle the patterns in this book. All the projects use basic crochet skills; simple rectangles, squares and tubes that work in all over stitch repeats. You can do that, right? Even if you don’t feel quite ready to tackle the bigger projects the author has included a couple of cute crocheted ball patterns, just the right size for small hands.

Animal baby

50 Fabric Animals (745.5924FIFT). I’m not really a stuffed toy fan but this book still took my fancy. This book includes a mix of styles from the classic bear to bright funky knitted bunnies. Not all the patterns are stuffed toys either; there is appliqués and scarfs to make. I particularly loved the 2 oversized dog projects. One is made from a floorcloth the other from patchwork fabric. Both are adorable.

baby play

Made to Play (745.592HENR) by Joel Henriques. This book includes 35 projects to spark your child’s imagination. There are some great ideas in this book, something for every child’s interests whether they love dress up, music or construction. You will need to use a bit of your own imagination and creativity as well. The diagrams are amateurish and difficult to follow, however the written instructions are much clearer.

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