Monday, 9 July 2012

The Crafter’s Way 225 - We’re Having a Party Part 2


Our party preparations continue. The DIY challenged hostess successfully made some really spectacular flowers last week and was ready to tackle some ceiling decorations. Paper pompoms are super simple and cheap as chips to make. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the sizes for a different visual effect.


You will need tissue paper and some light wire. Florist wire is suitable but so is those little twist ties you get when you buy plastic bags.

Step 1: Open out the tissue paper but do not separate out the layers. You will use them all. Cut a rectangle of tissue paper; the ones in the picture were 30cm x 17cm.

Accordian fold

Step 2: Working from the long side make accordion folds. Crease firmly at each fold.

Step 3: Wind the wire around the middle. Make sure this is firm.


Step 4: This step is optional. Across each end you can cut a point or round the tips. This will alter the look of your finished pompom.


Step 5: Carefully begin to separate the layers of tissue paper up and toward the middle. Fluff as you go.

Attach some clear fishing line for hanging. Again these can be made prior to the event as they travel well, just fluff up and hang.

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