Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Crafter’s Way 209–Decorative Boxes

This tutorial is one for after Christmas. Save all the boxes and decorative papers from your presents and use them to create these useful boxes.
finhsed box
You will need: Boxes (I used a shoe box), paint, PVA Glue, Paper (tissue paper, napkins, rice paper or coloured paper towel). Sealer (I used Modge Podge), and Felt (optional).
Step 1: Paint your box. You can skip this step if you like. I do it for 2 reasons; it doesn’t matter too much if I don’t completely cover the box and some boxes can be a little shiny which makes adhesion difficult. Paint helps the paper adhere. At this stage you may need to glue box flaps flat. Use clothes pegs to hold until it dries.
Step 2: Tear paper into small pieces. Brush PVA glue onto the box, small areas at a time. Place the paper onto glued area. Don’t worry if the paper crinkles a little bit, it gives a marbled effect when it is dry. Wrap paper strips over the edges and down into the inside. Continue until box is covered.
Step 3: Dab small amounts of paint into the box. This will even out any obvious joins.
step 3 (2)
Step 4: I added felt to the inside of the box. I used a spray adhesive. If you wish you can continue to add paper to the inside.
Step 5: Brush with Sealer.
You can also use Styrofoam trays. These are a little easier for children to manage. You can use the sealer as glue but as it is more expensive I prefer to save it for the final step. I find the glue dries faster as well.

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