Sunday, 18 December 2011

Crafty Christmas Presents

On Sundays a Craft Market sets up around the historical buildings at Old Petrie Town where our shop is. For the last few months the stall holders across the way from us have setting up and selling their printed wares. Today Scott popped across and gave Alan 2 Christmas presents they had made just for us.


They had visited our website to get the logo and an old picture of the shop. Alan couldn’t wait to share; he skyped me to show me this and the extra present.


We have been having an ongoing laugh with them about the fact that recently I have missed lots of Sundays due to craft classes, Mum, blah blah blah. Scott doesn’t think I have earned top billing anymore. He made this tea towel just for Alan. Note the added shop decorations. Thanks for the thought guys, Have a Merry Christmas.


Sue Grier said...

Love it. Stop in today to visit and Alan told me about the teatowel. lol

Hot Fudge said...

What a hoot. I am sure Alan is VERY happy with his new staff. Hope you both have a very happy Christmas.

Trish Goodfield said...

Sorry I missed you Sue. Would have been nice to catch up.

Elle and Lou said...

When I last visited the markets I can't remember Alan's staff looking like this. Sounds like you have a fun community there. i always enjoy a look around.