Friday, 1 April 2011

Butterfly Bloopers Part 2

This post should be called Beautiful Butterflies. I think I’ve cracked it.DSCF7243 I decided not to go to gym this morning so I would have time to have another go at the Clover Butterfly Maker while I was fresh.I finally feel that I’m getting there.

This inspired me to go back and have another try at the Clover Flower Maker. Lets face it the Japanese simply don’t make things that don’t work, nuclear power plants aside.So it must have been operator error.DSCF7238 The flower maker works on a similar principle to the butterfly maker. You need to stitch an inner circle as well as the outer circle. When I started gathering up the thread I inserted my finger into the ‘petals’ and formed the gathering around it. The instructions didn’t say to do this with the flower maker but it did with the butterfly maker.DSCF7241 Success!

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