Thursday, 31 March 2011

Butterfly Bloopers

I took my new Butterfly maker to my Craft Group on Saturday afternoon.b After waiting for months to find one of these I was waiting no longer to have a go. I really should have waited.DSCF7225 First attempt. Now you can just see the making of a butterfly shape. Ok, so you need to squint, tilt your head on its side and hold you tongue just so.DSCF7226 Second attempt. Going backwards here. DSCF7228 Third attempt. I started this one just before leaving but didn’t feel confident that it was going to work out either. DSCF7224 Today I started again. This is my fourth attempt. Still not perfect but it does have 4 distinct petals. These are not something I can see me making at the motor racing like I do with the other Clover Suffolk Puff makers. It really does require that you pay attention. I’m nothing if not stubborn so I will persevere. Butterflies for everyone!

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Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I found the same problem with their flower shaped ones. I just gave up in the end. I still love their tool for making quick, plain yo-yos though.