Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Crafter’s Way 172 – Craft Day Trip

This week’s Messenger Column.

This was a column I originally drafted back in December. It got put on the backburner due to the devastating floods that hit this area. If you love to explore new craft and handmade venues then fuel up the car and head out for a fun day.46868_426671601772_649586772_5180638_1632281_n

We left home and travelled via Kilcoy to Esk. This was the long way to where we were going but it was much more scenic. I wanted to see the dams full of water after such a long period of drought. It was a magnificent sight. Lining the roads and stretching back into the hills were the jacaranda trees in full flower. They won’t be flowering at the moment however the view is still worth the extra kilometres.

We stopped in the main street of Esk for morning tea. Directly across the road is Twilight Crafts. Twilight Crafts is chock-a-block full of every conceivable craft supply. They also host classes & retreats. If you are a Quilter make sure you pop in and have your Quilter’s Trail Passport stamped during April. mimmis From Esk we headed out of town toward our main destination, Forest Hill. I have to admit that until last November I had never heard of this little township situated right in the middle of the antiques trail. The Floods changed all of that; Forest Hill was one of many entire towns evacuated. Businesses are now trading again and are ready to welcome you with their own special brand of hospitality. mimmis2

If you love quality handmade items then you must pop into Mimmis in the main street. Miriam Bain, the creative genius behind bubbachenille opened Mimmis in November last year. Miriam has a passion for handmade and supporting craft artists and this is evident in the way she has chosen to display the creations. Packed to the rafters with handmade goodies from talented local and interstate craft artists you will spend hours choosing your favourites. Mimmis is open Wednesday to Sundays. Forest Hill has many choices for lunch with 2 hotels and a couple of excellent cafes. Miriam recommended Cafe Sorella for lunch. We enjoyed our meals next to their gift shop. Warning: Do not pet or fondle the handbags or they WILL follow you home.5880_112264897055_112264692055_2850044_1626225_n We had one more stop before heading home. We turned off at Ipswich and ducked into Handmade Heaven. You can find Handmade Heaven in the Old Flour Mill at the Top of Town. Handmade Heaven has an ever changing display of quirky handcrafted items to suit all budgets giving you plenty of reasons to visit regularly. Liesa Gifford, the owner, is on hand to help you find the perfect gift for yourself or others. A more perfect name for a business has never been found. You will be in Handmade Heaven. handmade heaven

For more information:

Twilight Crafts: or phone (07) 5424 2870

Mimmis: email or ph 0407 065 307

Handmade Heaven: email ph 0422 876 154

Drive safely.

Top Photo: Handmade Heaven

2nd Photo: Mimmis Collage

3rd Photos: Mimmis Collage

4th Photo: Handmade Heaven Collage.


bubbachenille said...

Oh Trish, thanks so much for this beautiful post.
What is genious though is not me...It's all the beautiful work created by the multidude of talented people that allow us to showcase their creativity ! Also what is genious is people such as yourself that pay it forward to others !

Trish Goodfield said...

Thank you.

wimcee said...

Next time I have my drive out to visit Miriam's I'll now have a couple of other stops to make too, thanks Trish. There is something so fulfilling about craft shopping!

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Great post Trish, a favourite drive of mine also and I suppose I must include myself as a talented local artist as I see one of my cushions in a Mimmi shop photo.
Miriam and Liesa are so gorgeous, they make you feel so special the minute you walk in their door.
Kiss Noises Linda