Saturday, 12 March 2011

Beads + Braids

This morning I had another Children’s Class. Last week we made some paper and fabric beads.DSCF7125 This week we began painting and embellishing them.DSCF7126 This all went very smoothly until  I brought out the PearlX Powder.DSCF7135 Now I should have known better than to let 7 & 8 year olds loose with the direction “a little goes a long way”.DSCF7133 My suggestion of ‘dipping’ became ‘rolling in’.DSCF7134 They did eventually get the hang of it, glueing then lightly dipping the end into the powder. They loved the way the colours looked when put over another.DSCF7128 We then started adding them to their Kumihimo Braids.DSCF7130 An 8 year old made this braid. Great job.DSCF7132 The 7 year old who made this braid deliberately changed the braiding sequence throughout the length giving the finished bracelet an unique look. Next week we move onto Cross Stitch.

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