Friday, 12 November 2010

First Day at Mimmis

Yesterday Alan and I travelled to Forest Hill for the opening day at Mimmis. We left home early and set out toward Esk. Yes, we went the long way, Alan decided to combine the trip with a sales call to Twilight Crafts in Esk.

Our drive took us out past Somerset Dam. It was a magnificent sight, full to the brim after many years of heartbreaking drought. The road then dropped down to Lake Somerset where breathtaking Jacarandas were in flower. Their purple flowers littered the hills side.

Finally we arrived in Forest Hill and Mimmis. Miriam and Nicole Lacey were on hand to show us around their  lovely shop filled to the brim with all things handmade.DSCF6744 It was thrilling to see my creations on display in somebody else’s shop.
DSCF6735Our Kumihimo Friendship Bracelets.
DSCF6737Christmas Puffs.
DSCF6739And the Dorset Christmas Decorations.
Thanks girls for my lovely Birthday surprise. I realised when I got home that i will be forever sharing my birthday with Mimmis. I hope we both have many more. 

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