Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Crafter’s Way 159 – Craft Book Review

The Moreton Bay Regional Council Libraries have a wonderful variety of craft books to borrow. This week’s books all have a Christmas focus and are suitable for children These books came from Strathpine Library. Check with your local library for opening hours and how you can borrow from other libraries.


Recycling Fun – Make Your Own Paper Models (J745.542MAK)

The six projects are designed for 7-10 year old children and require very little in the way of materials and equipment, in fact you will find most of the bits and pieces you need in your recycling bin. In addition to paper mache, the projects require measuring and construction skills however very little adult help should be necessary. The projects are accompanied by clear instructions and heaps of images for the visual learners, the giraffe project has 40 photos accompanying the written instructions.


Gorgeous Gifts (J745.5CRA)

This book also encourages recycling this time to make great gifts. The introduction covers the basics of recycling and some of the basic skills you will need to complete the 13 projects. The projects are designed for children however you don’t need to be too skilled to take the ideas and make them a little more creative. The paper mache bangles in the book are very basic but with a more clever choice of paper the bangles will look quite chic. Fill sized templates are included.

IMG_0002 Colour In Art by Elizabeth Newberry (J701.85NEW)

IMG_0003 How Art is Made by Elizabeth Newberry (J700NEW)


Secrets of Art by Elizabeth Newberry ( J702.8NEW)

These three books are from a four part series encouraging art skills in young people. These books focus on art theories with short descriptive text levelled at children. Toward the back of each book is a short ‘Things to do” section encouraging the young artist to try their hand at bringing the theory to life. Budding artists will enjoy this series.

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