Wednesday, 10 November 2010

How to Teach Art & Craft

Earn Money by Teaching Your Craft Skills to Others.

Do you want to:

Have the confidence to share your passion?

Know how to tailor your classes for different venues, technologies and personality types?

Avoid all the legal and business pitfalls?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to read this book.


With over 25 years experience teaching art & craft, Trish Goodfield, explores the fundamental concepts, tips and techniques of teaching art & craft.

Learn how to:

Value yourself and price your classes accordingly,

Identify your teaching style and personality

Identify and develop strategies for dealing with difficult participants

Teach different generations, attitudes & values

Develop handouts; write instructions, and use questions & answers

Write and use learning objectives and lesson plans

Identify safety and risk management issues

And much more.

Trish Goodfield taught her first craft class 27 years ago & has taught quilling, embroidery, crochet, kumihimo, silk painting and fabric dyeing. Trish has held classes at Craft Shows, Council Activities, Conferences, Festivals and Craft Shops, Craft Groups and Guilds, School Vacation Activities and School Camp Programs. Trish has taught classes in Libraries, Rotundas, Meeting Rooms, Classrooms, Halls and Parks. She has taught children, adults. people with a disability, seniors, frail aged and... her husband.

How to Teach Art & Craft is now available here. Also available as an Instant Download

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