Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Crafter’s Way 160 – Fabric Tassels

Fabric Tassels

I have created these Fabric Tassels in Christmas Fabric to hang on your tree however you can easily vary fabric choice and length to suit any project.Tassel Finished You will need: fabric, ribbon, scissors, ruler, fabric marker, needle and thread.Tassel 1 Step 1: Cut your fabric 35 cm long x 10 wide. Mark a line 2cm from the top.Tassel 2

Step 2: Cut at 1cm intervals up to the 2cm line. Do not cut past the line. Tassel 3 Step 3: Cut 12cm piece of ribbon and fold in half. Stitch securely to one edge of the fabric, between the top edge and the 2 cm line.Tassel 4 Step 4: Starting at the edge with the ribbon fold the fabric into a tight coil. Keep the top edge even.Tassel 5 Step 5: Thread the needle with coordinating thread and stitch the raw edge in place. Place a couple of stitches around the top edge to secure the fabric coil. Fluff up your tassel and hang on the tree.


1. Vary weight of fabric, print and length.

2. If using very lightweight fabric you will need to cut the fabric longer than 35cm to give tassel enough body.

3. Use paper. Replace sewing with paper glue.

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Thanks for the tutorial. Just what i was looking for. :)