Monday, 22 November 2010

Lessons I’ve Learnt 4- Wobble Time

I pride myself on my ability to plan and organise my time effectively. I thought I had it down pat until this  past week.

In 3 days I conducted 17 classes for 2 different Schools and 1 Council, had a photo shoot and did 3 interviews for the book. I didn’t actually plan to do all of this in this 3 day period. I had pre-planned to do 7 School  Classes and the I Council Class.

But there was a little mix up with the bookings via the YMCA. They had forgotten to send over the booking sheets for the second school. No problems we can do that!

Then the newspaper rang wanting to send over a photographer and their deadline was looming. Isn’t it always?

In amongst all of this I hadn’t planned that the book publication would be delayed by a month and the publicity would fall in this week. Nor did I plan that Mum would still be needing daily checks until the in- home care was finalised. Blah!

At this time of year we are all extremely busy. We are frantically trying to make stuff for our online stores.We have committed to extra markets to take advantage of the Christmas Shopping period. There are Kids School Plays and friends to socialise with. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed just writing this.

Here is the Lesson I’ve Learnt. When you are planning all of your activities be sure to allow yourself plenty of wobble room. Life has a way of throwing a wobbly at us when we are most stressed, busy and overloaded. In the midst of your usual daily routine you can bet the kids will get fleas and the dog will catch the mumps. Wobble room will give you a little breathing space to meet those self imposed deadlines.

This post comes from the sub category: Do as I say not as I do. lol


Heather said...

Oh you are soooo right. Everyone needs wooble room.

marigold jam said...

Indeed a very good lesson! Do hope things sort out for you soon and you can take a breather.


kitty hugo said...

I am wobbling right now... My three kids have come down with whooping cough... I cant leave the house!!!