Saturday, 20 November 2010

Classes in the Park

This week we have been flat out with classes.  Nine Groups from one School, another 7 groups from a second School and 1 Class for the Council. All have been done in Parks.DSCF6747 These kids had finished braiding and while waiting for the mates to finish the Teacher had them playing this game. Here they are supposed to be Squashed Cockroaches.DSCF6750 Dead AntsDSCF6748 And Storks. The building in the background is the one the snake disappeared under just a few minutes later.DSCF6765 Over in the barn I was doing a dyeing class.DSCF6767 Absolute concentration.DSCF6761Here they are holding some threads they space dyed. Seventeen groups in 3 days has to be a record for us. It will slow down now for a couple of weeks, long enough for us to catch our breath before the School Holiday Activities start.

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