Thursday, 22 April 2010

Wet Class

Yesterday I was scheduled to run a Kumihimo Class in the Park for the Brisbane City Council. Anyone who was in Brissie yesterday will know how wet it was. I rang the council to check if they wanted to cancel. Their response was they would 'prefer' if I still went unless of course it was dangerous. Well there is absolutley nothing dangerous about Kumihimo in any type of weather so off I went.

When I arrived the homeless people had taken over the covered picnic shelter that was booked for the class. I couldn't see any sense in shifting them out until somebody arrived to take the class. This was the rain on my camera looking out onto the river. Nobody showed up for the class so the homeless people got to stay dry.

While I was sitting there in the car, minding my own business the car immobilser decided to have a hissy fit and put itself into lock mode. For love nor money I couldn't get it it to turn off. I expected my call to the RACQ would take ages but I swear the patrolman was there within 10 mins. He couldn't fix the problem but did manage to temporarily bypass the system to get me started. Three Cheers for the RACQ!

It must have been raining  heavily even the birds were staying out of the weather. I guess I was the only bird brain out in the wet.


I see the bridge! said...

Oh dear, maybe the homeless people would have liked something to do???
I love the picture of the birdies on your sign and am so glad you took the shot towards the lolly shop on the last picture, I don''t think I could bear to see my 'Lilly Cottage' looking different!
Kiss Noises Linda

Hot Fudge said...

Oh, what bad luck Trish. The rain sure pelted down yesterday, but at least the homeless folk kept dry! And why do cars choose to throw tanties on wet days?

Anonymous said...

may the blessing be always with you!! ........................................