Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A Tidy Break

Who considers tidying up a break? I do. I guess it all depends on what you are taking a break from. After months of writing my book all that is left to do is the referencing. I hated doing this at school. I was always rushing to get assignments finished on time. Just when I thought I could go to bed I would have to start collating all the resources, correctly giving credit for quotes etc. I seriously doubted whether any teacher ever looked at them. I decided I needed some time off before tackling it.

The studio has really taken a battering while writing. Nothing has been put away, mostly because every surface, including the floor, was covered in notes, reference material and rewrites. It actually looked much worse than this image shows. There were piles of paper out of sight.

I sorted through everything. All the notes have been 'neatly' collated. The half started projects have been tidied and deadline dates attached to them. All my projects needing the sewing machine have been moved downstairs to the seing area. This area still looks like tip but you can't rush these things. At least now I have decluttered Iwill be able to hear myself think while I do the tedious but necessary referencing. Wish me luck!


I see the bridge! said...

Good for you and good luck with your boring referencing....that reminds me of paperwork and I hate paperwork....
speak to you in real life soon,
kiss nosies Linda

REread said...

OMG ... I should pay you to do that to my work space. I keep putting it off and it keeps getting worse. I don't even have 'organised' chaos anymore ... it's just armageddon type chaos.

Trish Goodfield said...

The studio looks so neat, that's probably cause most if it has simply been moved to the sewing area. I need to tidy that before the weekend as we have in-laws coming. My family know I'm a messer but I still try to keep up th illusion for Alan's family.