Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Crafter's Way 132 - Singelton Buttons

Here is this week's  Messenger column, Singleton Buttons.I’ve been promising this tutorial for a while now. Hope you find it useful.
You will need: Plastic Ring (if you can’t find them you can use the plastic circles from around your soft drink caps), fabric, small piece of felt, needle and thread, bamboo skewer.
Step 1: Trace a circle at least 2 times larger than the diameter of your plastic circle. This is your cutting line. Draw another circle half way between the plastic ring and the cutting line. This is your stitching line.
Step 2: In a coordinating thread stitch a running stitch along dotted line.
Step 3: Gather the thread up around the ring.
Step 4: Open out the centre hole.
Step 5: Push the excess fabric under the ring. This will pad out the button. I find the clip on a pen lid works best.
Step 6: Take the thread across the back of the button a couple of times. You are securing the fabric. Check that there aren’t any unsightly bulges or creases on the front of button.
Step 7: Sew a decorative stitch onto the front of the button. I added some French knots to the running stitch.
Step 8: Cut a piece of felt slightly smaller than the button. Whip stitch it to the button.
Step 9: To make shank: Place the bamboo skewer onto the back of the button. Centre it. Stitch over the skewer a couple of time. Remove the skewer. Cover the loops with Buttonhole stitch to make stronger.

You can now quickly and inexpensively make your own buttons to coordinate with any project.

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Jensters said...

These are so wonderful and a great tutorial.