Saturday, 1 May 2010

Busy Week

My first job this week was to get onto the sewing machine. I made some headbands and scarves before finishing off my bag.
Apologies for the slightly out of focussed photo. As I was fixing photos I accidentally deleted the better image. 
Once we were in the shop we needed to send the stock for the Melbourne Stitches & Craft Show Alan is double checking the boxes aren't overweight. 
I prepared the braiding plate for demonstrations while at the show. I will do a little on the plane to get it started.
I wrote a tutorial for a "The Crafter's Way" column. It will be published while we are away.
Stitched our new stitchery design as a Christening present. Here I'm preparing it for framing. Hopefully I will get the shop 'copy' completed while I'm away.
And I've just now left it pegged until the glue dries. A few more last minute jobs to go and I think we are good to go. Famous last words? I hope not.

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