Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Decoupage and Resin

Today I was finally prepared to start using the bits of fabric and paper I had created at
ART QUIZ and ART QUIZ 2 I am combining with saved bottle caps. And no I didn't drink it all. Ask and you shall receive.

This pile is waiting for the resin to be poured on.

Over the holidays I experimented with lots of different products and didn't really like the effect from any of them. I've used this product before to coat a decoupaged table top so I thought I'd give it a go. I only did a few of the caps. Once I'm sure its worked I will resin the rest before adding the magnets.

Another project in "Use What I've Got" challenge. Using paper I brought back from Japan I have decoupaged this box lid. It's going to be a clock. A bit of work needed yet but the fiddly part is done.
Off to complete submission paperwork for council classes.

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Claire said...

What an unusual colour combination for you. I like it!