Thursday, 28 January 2010

Kumihimo Book - Beaut Braid

Finally my new Kumihimo Book is available.

This book has been written especially for Australian Braiders using equipment and materials available here.

I've taught children and adults Kumihimo for Craft Shows, Councils, Vacation Care, Schools, Social Groups and Craft Groups. We've braided in Libraries, Rotundas, Meeting Rooms, Classrooms, Halls and Parks. Participants questions, comments and enthusiasm have set the direction of the book.

The instructions have been written for use on both the Marudai or Hand Held Disc. There are 20 braid structures in the book, 16 are suitable for braiding using the Hand Held Disc.

Work through the book creating 8 Element and 16 Element Braids quickly and confidently before learning extra techniques which will enhance your braided creations.

I'm sure this book will assist you on your braiding journey. There is a link in the sidebar, just click on to purchase.


bubbachenille said...

Congratulations on being published !

Tracy said...

Well done. It's about time you put pen to paper.