Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Crafter's Way 123 - Craft Book Review

The Crafter's Way is back in The Messenger for another year. I have actually combined 2 columns in one post.

Happy New Year! Did you make a New Year’s Resolution? I didn’t but I did issue myself a challenge. Being a crafter who dislikes throwing out even the smallest scrap I have decided that I need to create new designs using the materials/treasures I already have. Semantics? Probably, but I figure I have a greater chance of success this way.

I have also started looking at household waste in a more creative way. I’ve got everybody I know saving bread tags, plastic rings off milk bottles, and bottle caps. Stay tuned for some green crafting tutorials in the near future.

Upcycle Inspiration

The Moreton Bay Regional Council Libraries have a wonderful variety of craft books to borrow. Many of these books are recent releases. These books all came from the Redcliffe Library. These books all share a common theme of re-using and upcycling in keeping with my current theme.

Altered Art by Terry Taylor (745.5 TAY)
The author describes altered art as “taking a found object and changing it in some way to make an artistic statement of your own”. It is an art form found throughout the centuries. If you, like me enjoy learning about the history of crafts you will enjoy the author’s overview of the development of altered art. You will start to look at every object around your home through ‘altered’ eyes.

The Art and Craft of Collage by Amanda Pearce (745.594 PEA)

Collage is a similar concept to decoupage, decorating with motifs, images and texture. The main difference is that you don’t necessarily need to use glue. This book caters for all types from the tactile person through to the techno wiz. This book covers it all, paper and fabric collage, found objects, mixed media, photomontage and computer collage. Each chapter outlines the tools and equipment needed for each type of collage. This makes it easy to flip straight to your interest area. Lots of images, techniques and projects to explore.

Absolute Beginners Decoupage by Alison Jenkins (745.546JEN)

Decoupage is the art of decorating with cutout motifs and or images. This book uses a two stage system for creating decoupage projects. First stage demonstrates a single technique. The Second stage demonstrates how to incorporate the technique into your own unique creation. The techniques are clearly outlined with detailed photos. The book finishes with a gallery of finished projects by various decoupage artists.

Date Claimer: New Adult Art Class for Contemporary Artists (ARTstART) at Woodside Community Centre, North Lakes . Classes start Friday 5th Feb 9am – 12 Noon. Ph Carol Bisset on 3880 3732 or 0437012477.

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