Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Crafter's Way 124 - ARTstART

Here is this week's Messenger column.

ARTstART at Woodside

ARTstArt is coming to North Lakes. Carol Bisset has been running this successful program for Contemporary Artists at Redcliffe for 4 years with many North Lakes’ Residents travelling to join in. Carol has now decided to start classes at the Woodside Community Centre on Friday Mornings from 9 am-12 noon.

Don’t think you are artistic? This may still be the activity for you. Carol’s unique approach enables artists to develop their own ideas and learn how to process images. This is not a paint by numbers approach. Carol says that you won’t go home from each session with a finished canvas tucked under your arm. Carol encourages beginners to explore a range of different approaches to making Contemporary works of Art across a wide range of media including painting, drawing printmaking sculpture and photography.

I can’t draw! Carol hears this often and says that it may be a lack of confidence. Many people have had negative experiences with art teachers in the past. Carol works with the artist’s mindset by giving them permission to make mistakes. Carol believes that most adults have forgotten how to play, they expect perfection. She encourages the inner artistic child to come and play with colour, texture and techniques.

With many years experience as an artist and teacher Carol is well qualified to conduct such an unique program. While Carol believes that many people attend ARTstART to ‘do something for themselves’ she encourages her artists to exhibit twice per year. Carol believes that this gives each artist valuable experience and confidence. Coupled with attending other exhibitions and listening to guest speakers artist start to develop their own interests and styles. One of her students created a portfolio of work which has now enabled her to start studying Visual Arts at university.

Carol welcomes adults of all abilities, beginners through to more advanced, to join in the fun of ARTstART. Her North Lakes classes begin on Friday, 3rd of February at the Woodside Community Centre. Carol invites you to phone her on 0437 012 477 or 3880 3732 for more information and to make bookings

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Sandrine said...

That seems like a fabulous opportunity to connect with self and our creativity...Thanks Trish

Trish Goodfield said...

I agree Sandrine. Carol's approach to teaching really appealed to me.

Maddie said...

Wow, sounds like fun.

Hot Fudge said...

This sounds fabulous Trish. I don't suppose Carol crosses the border to the western suburbs of Brisbane, does she?