Monday, 1 February 2010

Yo-Yos, Bottle Caps and Comics

It's very blowy and wet outside, courtesy of Cyclone Olga. Good day to stay inside.  I thought that it was the perfect opportunity to get my head around the book I'm planning. The home computer wasn't in the mood for starting. I think that it was just having a hissy fit because I haven't been on it much lately. While I was waiting, waiting I started cutting some more junk mail up for beads. I needed to replace all the ones I sold on the weekend plus create some longer ones for a project.

Did a good couple of hours on the book. Started to feel a little confused so I thought I needed a little fun. These  are Suffolk Puffs in the traditional manner, made from preloved clothes. Any ideas what the necklace cord is made of. Hint: it's preloved clothing too. And then onto experimenting. Could I make Dorset Buttons from the plastic rings around plastic bottle caps. Yes I think I can. I've just done the outside buttonholing but they certainly seem to be working.

And now for the exciting news. Motor Racing season has started again. Well sort of.It's the 24 hour race from Daytona. It is not V8s, Nascar or Indy but as Alan said they are going round in circles. Me? I can drive in circles. I want them driving fast. I think I will wind a few more beads while watching the last 3 hours. 

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Chrisy said...

Well you've got some perfect activities here for watching cars go round and round and round! Very exciting about the book...if you did a couple of hours every day this time next year it'd be out there!
ps this is from somebody who's started half a dozen books but didn't persist!