Saturday, 30 January 2010

A Week's Crafting.

I've had a fun week. I popped up to Montville ealier in the week with family. We spied this gekko made out of a softdrink can.

Poor thing looks like he has been crucified. I also finally finished all of the magnets I have been working on. The display stand is a makeshift until we find the exact thing we are after. We know what it is just haven't been able to find one yet. All the magents have been upcycled.

I've added a bit more colour to this paper towel. I know I promised a tutorial on how to do this and it is coming. I still think it looks quite floral so I'm now going to start stitching it. Should be fun.

And now on a slightly sadder note.

Lilly Cottage's pink doors are no longer. They are now Heritage Green. What's with that? Anyone would think we were in a historical village.

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Linda Lilly C said...

oh boohoooooooo!
Kiss Noises Linda...of course you know they can't keep the name Lilly Cottage that belongs to me....lucky...Lilly Cottage aint heritage green!