Sunday, 17 January 2010

Busy, Busy

I haven't done much posting lately. I have been very busy and rather than stop and write about what I've been doing I decided I should just keep doing it. Here is a quick round up.

I've been writing a braiding book. The book has come about from all the classes I have done over the last 7 years or so. Its been written particularly for Australians. This is the front cover photo.

I started using the paper beads I have been making.

This is a picture frame.

Bead detail.

I dyed this fabric especially to cover the stool. I had hoped to finish the upholstery this week but I couldn't get the upholstery stapler to work. My hand span is not big enough to hold it properly and get the right amount of ourchase to squeeze the handle. Alan is going to do it. I found it quite frustrating, knowing how but not being able to do.

Thursday morning we went to a garage sale. We picked up these games, a garbage bag full of wool and a clock AND had change from $5.

And finally I took these shots of the shop early this morning.

It looks lovely and brightly coloured. The finished tablecloths from last week are on the tables. Okay, time to get back to creating.

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Sandra Darling ~ Visual Art Creations said...

the shop looks just gorgeous and colourful!