Sunday, 17 January 2010

Today's 4BC Radio Segment

We decided to get 'tacky' today and talk about some naughty craft terms that I have come across. Good clean fun.

'Hookers': this term originates in Ireland. Crochet was first done to imitate lacework. Lacework was very expensive, only the very wealthy could afford it. Crochet was more affordable. Irish Nuns taught women who had been displaced due to war and famine how to crochet to earn money.. Until then these women had turned to prostitution as a means of earning money. The well-to-do folks christianed them 'hookers' after the shape of the crochet hook.

'Stripping': An embroidery term. When separating your stranded cottons from six strands to 1 strand you are said to be stripping the threads.

"Flashing": From glassblowing. it refer to placing the worked glass quickly back into the oven to keep the piece hot, it will prevent cracking.

"Necking": Another gfrom the glassblowers. The term used to create the neck of a bottle in the blown glass.

"Wedging": a wedgie is an Australian term. if you are not an Aussie you can probably live without knowing what it refers to. In Craft it belongs in the pottery barn. Wedging refers to removing the air trapped within the clay.

Got anymore? Please leave a comment and share.

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