Monday, 11 January 2010

The Heat Is On.

I had lots of plans for today. When I woke up it was already hot and humid so I started mentally crossing items off my list. There were a couple of things I just couldn't put off.

The first one was to design a tutorial for a guest blog post I am doing shortly. Lucky for me my idea immediately transferred into reality. Now all I have to do is dye the 'real' fabric, take the photos and write up the steps.

I then needed to make some round tablecloths. We have started to use 2 plastic tables out the front of the shop and of course they are different colours. One is white, the other green. This fabric on the floor is left over from Mum's party and it is pink. I figure this wasn't going to matter because after a couple of weeks in the sun it will fade to white anyway. Then I can keep it clean by soaking in nappysan. I lay the table top down on the fabric and traced the pattern.

While I was doing this the washing machine became available. We do the occassional load of dirty clothes. I popped in this pile of scraps to mat together. I am making some more gumballs.

Here they are drying, waiting to be sewn together. Might get some other colours done tommorrow. Hopefully it won't be quite as hot.

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