Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Crafter's Way 107 - Tie Flowers

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Tie Flowers

A couple of years ago I made a handbag using some unused men’s ties. Left over from this project were a heap of the narrow ends. I decided to use them to make a flower to refresh the look of the bag.

You will need: Tie ends. I used 6 but generally 5 is enough. Needle and strong thread, button or beads.

Step 1: Select your ends. Try to mix up the patterns and colour values. Trim the ends to 5 cm long.

Step 2: Flip all your ends to the wrong side. Check that the centre seam is intact. Re- sew this if necessary. I had 2 that needed a few stitches. Also remove any labels. If your tie ends have interfacing leave intact, this will give your petals body.

Step 3: Right sides facing arrange your ends in a pleasing order. Thread your needle and knot the end. Insert the needle from the wrong side of the first end. Flip it back over to the right side and start sewing a gathering stitch along the short bottom edge of the tie. Join the next end and continue sewing.

Step 4: When the last end has been joined bring the needle to the right side. Gather up your ends until they form a circle. This is easier if you are working from the right side. Take the needle to the wrong side and secure with a few backstitches. Do not cut thread.

Step 5: I used a button for the centre of the flower however, as with previous weeks you could just as easily choose to use beads. Use the uncut thread to secure your button or beads.

To finish: This makes quite a large flower; if you wish to wear as a brooch you will need a large brooch back. I’m off to sew mine to my bag.

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Kylie said...

That is so fabulous!! I love ties in crafty projects. I started making a skirt from ties many years ago now... until I realised the base was going to be massive and the waist as small as anything! Must find all those neglected ties....! Thanks for this Trish :) K

bubbachenille said...

This is nice, I love the old tie thing !

Paula said...

Love this. Thanks.