Sunday, 30 August 2009

Ties with Tradition

While at the Powerhouse Museum I also visited the Ties with Tradition exhibition featuring Macedonian Apron designs. The stories behind the aprons were endlessly fascinating.

No surprises here, this one was my favourite.

This apron was woven in 1954 by Spasija Aleksoska for her wedding. It has been worn once. The flowers are made from tiny woollen pompoms.

This Apron was loaned by Dana Atanasovska and was woven by her mother-in-law for her wedding. The loom width was 36.5cm; cotton warp, woollen weft.

This Apron is from Meseista and was woven in 1968. Woven by Angelina Todoroska using hand spun and dyed wool. Angelina wove between 50 and 60 aprons in preparation for her marraige. each apron took approx 2 days to weave.

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