Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Girlfriend Project- Dylon Dyes 42

The project that I created for Girlfriend magazine has been published. The instructions are for the leggings. I've added photos and instructions for the Red and Black singlet top that is also featured. The hints will also be helpful with the leggings.

The singlet actually started out as very washed out lemon colour.

To change the colour I used Dylon's Tulip Red.

Just follow the instructions on the back of the pack. Don't forget the gloves.

Let the shirt soak for 1 hour. Stir it constantly for the first 15mins then regularly during the next 45 mins.

Rinse the fabric under running water. Leave damp for next step.

Now for the fun bit. For the leggings I used a large soft drink bottle. For the shirt I used a 4 litre water bottle. No reason for the difference, just use what you have available.

The string needs to be very strong. Wind the string around the bottle and secure with a knot.

Start winding the string around the bottle. This needs to be firm. After every couple of winds push the fabric down towards the bottom of the bottle. The fabric should be forming pleats. If you can't move the fabric you have wound the fabric too tight. If it slid down very easily the string isn't tight enough. Don't wait until you have finished winding before starting to push fabric down. Trust me this is too hard and if you haven't done the winding tight enough you have to undo the whole lot instead of just a little bit. Slow and steady is best.

Keep winding and pushing until the entire shirt has been wound onto the bottle.

Mix up Dylon's Navy Blue Dye according to the manufacturer's instructions. Fill your water bottle with water, this will keep it immersed in the dye. Stand the bottle in the dye for 1 hour. No need to stir.

When the time has passed rinse the shirt under running water. Leave on the bottle while doing this. Once you have finished the rinsing you can remove shirt from the bottle and continue washing as per instructions.
Have fun.


Traci said...

This looks like fun. I'm going to have a go.

Sophie said...

The red shirt looks so striking. The leggings look like they would be lots of fun to wear.

Izzy said...

great tutorial, can't wait to have go during the holidays.

littlechrissy said...

That's awesome Trish! Congrats on getting it in the mag.

bubbachenille said...

WoW MIss Diva, having your work published in yet another magazine, you must be excited ! Congratulations...

PretaPawte said...

That is very cool. Congrats on the featuer