Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Crafters' Way 86 - Handmade Strange

Here is this week's Messenger column.

Handmade Strange

In last week’s column listing upcoming exhibitions I mentioned Handmade Strange at Artisan. Artisan exhibits the work of promising and emerging artists through their annual Unleashed exhibitions. This year’s showcase will not disappoint. Curated by Tim Woodward Handmade Strange features artists Elizabeth Willing, Catherine Sagin, Hannah Cripps, Helen Rogers, Mila Vasikic and Shane Brazier.

Each artist chose their materials from the some of the most boring and everyday objects. Showing a willingness to reinterpret these objects has led to an exhibition that will puzzle, impress and entertain all in equal measure.

Hannah Cripps is a recent graduate from USQ. Hannah uses biros, paperclips and rulers in her colourful installation and sculptural works. Hannah constructs these into crystalline structures which can consume office workspace as they grow. Photo: Office Virus, courtesy of A. Higgins for artisan.

Elizabeth Willing’s piece the ‘Tip of the Icing Berg’ uses confectionary as an unorthodox material of choice. This sculpture uses marzipan icing and artificial nails which results in structures that are strangely beautiful and intriguing. Photo: Stick Insect, courtesy of A. Higgins for artisan.

Do you have a collection of sporting trophies that you don’t know what to do with? Shane Brazier’s work is sure to have you thinking. Shane works with chopped up trophy bodies to create visually stunning pieces.

The Handmade strange exhibition runs until 4th April at Artisan, 381 Brunswick St. Fortitude Valley.


Chrisy said...

Interesting stuff...hoping to check it out...Brazier's work sounds interesting...

Twinkle Star Art said...

They're very colouful creations. Handmade Strange is the perfect title.

I can imagine my 5 year old son getting into this sort of thing, he just loves making sculptures out of everyday things. The only problem is the everyday objects are still in use and usually belong to me ;P

Judy Scott said...

very interesting designs Trish :)

Travis said...

I've been in and seen this exhibition, I can recommend it to anyone.