Monday, 9 March 2009

Dylon Dyes 8

This week I planned to start using the Greens however I changed my mind when I remembered that I had a project that I wanted to dye Black. Now a true black can be a little tricky but I was thrilled with the results from Dylon's Velvet Black.

Its not a dodgy photo, the fabric really is this black. This photo is the Quilter's Muslin, Laundered Silk and the Cotton Boucle thread.

I also took these photos to show you the Quilter's Muslin contrasted against green.

And the Laundered Silk.

The project? You will have to wait a couple of days before it's finished. Black really is beautiful.


bubbachenille said... chenille? there isn't usually such an animal, but there could be now !

Wil said...

That black doesn't even throw 'green' next to the green fabric.