Saturday, 27 September 2008

What I've been Dyeing this Week

I've had one of those weeks when things don't go to plan. Not on the Dyeing front. Thank Goodness!

I've been doing School Holiday Activities for the Council. Its organised by one department and then run out of libraries and community rooms- a different department. Guess what? They don't talk to each other. So I've been dealing with people who don't seem very happy with their jobs. Makes me feel very lucky. On the last day, the activity time was changed from 10am - 12n to 12n - 2 pm. But they forgot to tell me. So I lost a whole day for 2 hours. Hardly seemed worth it.

On the upside, the actual activities and the kids were great fun. Anyway, I'm writing this while I wait for some fabric paint to dry. I finally got around to finishing the cotton skirts with the lace underskirts.
The colours blend more than it seems in the photo.

The suffolk puffs add a nice touch.

This shirt has been ECO DYED, but I don't think the method works very well for multiple motifs. I'll keep trying though as the alternative is stitching which is way too time consuming.

I really liked this man's T-Shirt.

This is the paint that I'm waiting to dry. I mixed up the colour and started stamping. I forgot to add the textile medium. I quickly added the medium then painted over each motif . Hope that's enough. I'm actually making the pants for me so it won't be a complete disaster. I'll post a photo when they're complete. That paint should be dry now.


Judy said...

Skirts look brilliant, love the yo-yos

Elise said...

What a pity you were only able to get hold of 3 skirts.