Wednesday, 24 September 2008

I Dyed

Today's dyeing was a mish mash affair, between customers and the phone ringing (all good) I didn't really get much done.

This is a shirt that I dyed the other day. I followed another dyer"s recipe. This isn't really the colour I was looking for. I've scrunched it up ready to have another go with my recipe. Should stick with what I know works.

In the bucket stewing in 'my' dye.

And of course when I decided to try the other recipes I did lots of different colours. Here are the rest stewing in 'my' dye.

My glove had a hole.

This shirt is for me. You can see that I it already have dyed. I don't think my ECO DYEING (no stitching or rubber bands) method will work here. It works great with one motif but I don't think it will work well with an all over pattern.

Normal stitching is too time consuming for a commercial purpose but as its for me there is no rush. I guess I should take it home and stitch in my ' spare time"

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