Sunday, 28 September 2008

Market Day

I surprised myself today. I actually wore one of my braids. Everyone is always telling me I should but I find jewellery just gets in the way. This is one I made to wear in my hair.

It wraps around and the tie ends are beaded.

I must have had Kumihimo on the brain this morning because I also decided that I would do some braiding in between customers.

So I got out one of my trusty books and started preparing threads.

I made this one first.

This is the second. That's it. We got very busy after that and the third one has been undone as many times. I'll take it home with me and do on our days off. We're going op shopping tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Liz said...

The flower pattern is very distinct. love it.

Anonymous said...

I love these patterns. What book did you use to get these patterns? Any help to find instruction patterns would be most helpful. Thx