Friday, 6 June 2008

Remember that Fabric?

Remember the fabric swatch books that I picked up for a song a while back. Well I have actually started to do something with them.

The first thing I did was bring home bags of fabric scraps from the shop. These scraps are very well traveled. They go backwards and forwards between the shop and home depending on the project I'm currently working on.

This is actually the tidiest they've been. They were spread all over the floor until I needed to get to the back door. I thought I might need a few extra pieces to add to the stash at home.

These squares are going to be a wall hanging. I'm planning on appliqueing( with the 'e' or without?) and embellishing each square. The fabric is from a curtain swatch book.

You can see that I have sponged Fabric Paint for a bit of texture.

Most of this fabric also came from a curtain swatch book, another one. I have added some of my hand dyed silk and velvet. I also sponged some silver paint onto this one. Not sure why I bothered cause by the time I'm finished you probably won't see it. I'm busy hand stitching the squares. Slow but fun. Might end up being more crazy patchwork.

I cut out and started a couple of other projects. Pop back over the next week or 2 and see how they go.

Gotta go, I have more Hand Printed Fabric to heat fix.

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