Friday, 30 May 2008

More Braids

Today was the Annual Preventative Health Day.I was due for my annual Breast Screen and I needed to have some blood test. I admit that I have had the pathology request for over month but the doctor did say there was no I didn't. From past experience I knew that I would be there for hours so I went prepared.

My new Jacqui Carey book the Braider's Bible arrived.

I had a heap of my Hand Dyed Stranded Cotton at home that I cut into 50cm lengths.

This braid is on page 144, Opposite Half Hitches-Plain. The finished braid was 8cm long. The take up was uneven with the non working thread having 24cm remaining.

This Braid is also on Page 144. Identical Half Hitches- 2 colours. The Braid is 12 cm long with 30cm of non working thread remaining.

It was just as I was starting this braid that I got called in for the first time. Then the second time and I was still doing it when I was called in for the 3rd time. The sample reflects the stopping and starting. Its uneven and twisty. These are not as easy as Kumihimo Braids when being interrupted.

I am very happy with this braid. I found it very easy to do the steps, keep the tension even and I liked the finshed result. Its on page 146, Left and Right Hand Knot, 2 Colours. The finished braid is 19cm and the take up of threads is even.

This next 2 braids are on page 148. The first is a Left and Right Hand Over a Core, Plain. The finished Braid is 12 cm with there being 32cm of core thread remaining.

This last Braid is the same as above except that I used 2 colours. The length was the same.

The book has heaps of great braids, the photos are inspiring however the instructions can be a little vague. In the techniques for looping there was no indication where/how you held the knot. Were you meant to be working away or toward yourself? I eventaully worked it out. The author does seem to have learnt form her previous books. She has greatly improved her explanation on adding bead caps( no more 'just glue them on") and loop/blunts ends.

I am certainly looking forward to making more from this book and I'm sure that it will become as integral to my library as her other books.

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