Thursday, 29 May 2008

Braiding Again

I've finally been able to warp more threads to start braiding again. I warped up this lot first. Sorry about the fuzzy photo. I couldn't seem to get the shots right.

Then I was on a roll and decided to keep going.

This braid is made with my Hand Dyed Stranded Silk. This is a Round Honeycomb Braid from Jacqui Carey's Creative Kumihimo

This is made with my Hand Dyed Pure Spun Silk. This is a Ladder Braid (Creative Kumihimo) with 2 colours.

These 2 are the same Twill Structured Square Braid from Jacqui Carey's Beads & Braids. The colours have been altered. It was at this point that I decided that my lounge was probably not the best choice for a background.

This braid is a Rectangular Braid (Creative Kumihimo). I used three colours,Purple, Pink and Blue. The photo doesn't show the purple very well.

This braid is also from Creative Kumihimo. Its a variation on 8A, a Round Textured Braid.

Jacquie Carey calls this Braid different names in her books. Its 8K from Creative Kumihimo and Flat Braid 1 in Beads & Braids. I've used 3 different shades of light pink.

I didn't Braid these with any specific project in mind. I was just so happy to be able to warp the threads that I couldn't help myself. I'm sure at some stage they will metamorh into something spectacular.

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