Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The Crafters' way 39

Oops! Sorry. I forgot to post this weeks article earlier.

Here’s another simple Fabric Flower that you can make from scraps. I love the simplicity of this pattern. It’s easy to change the look of the flower and still follow the same instructions.

You will need:

15cm x 15 cm Fabric (Fabric 1), 15cm x 15cm Contrasting Fabric (Fabric 2), Paper for Petal Template, Thread, Brooch/ Hair Slide Finding, Small Piece Cardboard, Small Piece of Felt, Seed Beads, Hot Glue Gun.

Step 1: Sketch preferred petal shape onto paper. You need a large, medium and small petal.

Step 2: Fold Fabric pieces in half

Step 3: Using paper petals as templates cut out 5 large petals from Fabric 1; 5 medium petals from Fabric 2; and 5 small petals from Fabric 1.You should have 10 petals of each shape.

Step 4: With wrong sides together stitch each pair of petals together. If you don’t want a shabby chic/frayed edge use a zigzag stitch. You should now have 5 each of large medium and small petals.

Step 5: On the back of every large and medium petal mark a point halfway up the petal. With right sides together stitch from the marked point back down toward the bottom of the petal. Cut away excess fabric.

Step 6: From the cardboard cut a small circle. Using the hot glue gun attach the large petals around the circle. Once they have dried glue the medium petals on top of the large. Repeat with the small petals.
Step 7: Glue a small circular piece of felt to reverse side of cardboard. Attach brooch/ hair slide finding.

Step 8: On right side glue seed beads to center of flower. You can see that I ran out of time to add the beads so I used a button instead.

Note: if you choose to use a lightweight fabric you may need to add some interfacing to the flower petals before stitching.
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