Sunday, 24 February 2008

The Crafters' Way 40

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Double Sided Tape

Last year I wrote 2 columns on glues and adhesives. I was contacted by North Lakes resident Allan Cannard, who pointed out that I had omitted double-sided tapes. Allan has more than a passing interest in double-sided tapes, he works for one of the leading manufacturers.His knowledge was invaluable. As I researched more I learnt that double sided tapes come under a broad category of Dry Glues. Included in this category are glue dots and tape dispensers.

I must admit that until recently my experience of these types of adhesives have been limited. I chose to use them for convenience with very little thought to their intended purpose. From Allan I learnt that many types of double-sided tapes have been developed with specific life spans in mind. For example: a certain type of Carpet Tape that has a lifespan of 3 years. Oops! I used carpet tape on a cross stitch I framed. Guess I’ll be doing that again in a few years.

Allan also gave me some double-sided tape that is heat resistant and suitable for use with heat embossing. I’m sure that scrapbookers are familiar with this product. I have had lots of fun with it. All in the name of research of course! This tape can also be used with glitter, accent beads, and Pearl Ex powders. I particularly liked using it with foil paper. It is much less messy than the foil glue.

Dry Glue products are quick, convenient and no mess. They are a terrific addition to your craft toolbox. For retail sales of heat resistant double-sided tape visit Craft Inspirations at Old Petrie Town. Ph: 3285 3063

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