Thursday, 10 January 2008

Zigging and Zagging

I've been trying some more braids and also playing around with different colour placements.

The first braid is a 16 Anda-gumi.

The threads were leftover from a class. The original colours weren't inspiring so I overdyed them. I really like this colour combination. I'm hoping the braid will be long enough for some bag handles. By chance the colour blends really well with a felted bag I'm thinking about making.

This braid is 14 Strand Zigzag. There isn't actual instructions for this one in the book just a photo. I just followed the instructions for the 12 Strand. I needed to play around with the colour placement for a bit but eventually worked it out. I really like the experimenting part.

I've got a heap of Hand Dyed Fabric drying in the dryer. Yes! its raining again in sunny South East Queensland. Better go and fold it before the creases become permanent.

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meushi said...


zig-zag braids look interesting, I might try those later on. Maybe I should buy book 6 " for my wife" once I've got some money to spare ;)

Great news on the rain, let's hope there will be more of it this year.

PS: I received my kakudai today :D