Monday, 14 January 2008

Hand Dyed Dress Fabric

Finally the Hand Dyed Dress Fabric is in the shop. Well, the first stage anyway. After another week of incessant rain I just bit the bullet and did it anyway. It took forever to dry in the dryer and then ages to iron due to the creases from the dryer.

I took my dressmakers dummy in with full intentions of doing this elaborate display to show it off. Once I spread it out I saw that colours complimented my new Kumihimo Headband/Belt. So I went with simple to show off the fabric's colours.

I also turned some of my fabric into art for the walls.

And another colourway.

I am very happy with how arty they look. Lots more to come over the next few weeks as we add all of the planned additions to our range.

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HappyGirl said...

Great job with the hand dyed fabrics I'm looking to learn to do this also keep up the good work:-)