Thursday, 3 January 2008

Back to Work

It really doesn't feel like work though. We both enjoy our time creating then selling that I sometimes think we only call it work to satisfy other people.

I decided that I was going to hand dye the curtains in the shop. They were our original curtains for the house. I made them from thermal lined Calico. They have had a few lives since then but still seem to be wearing well.

Now Alan isn't creating sawdust I thought I should liven them up a bit.

I decided on Turquoise, Scarlet and Gold Yellow for no other reason than I had enough of those already made up.

I folded the first 1/3 into the bucket and poured on dye, then folded in the second, adding the second colour dye before doing the final 1/3.

It didn't take long because I wasn't trying to make each curtain identical. The weight and length was little tricky to handle.

I let the dye soak for a bit before adding the Soda Ash. Then I let it all fix overnight. During the night I had a sudden thought. Was the Soda Ash going to affect the thermal lining?

The answer to that is a little bit. Some of the lining has disappeared, really just pin pricks here and there. The curtains are tied back during the day and you won't see that so I wasn't too bothered. I would have been disappointed if they were for home.

This is a set of 4 curtains. I needed to hang them up to dry as it was pouring rain so they couldn't go out on the line. They are still wet.

This is a single curtain that is screening off part of the studio. I dyed this piece turquoise, yellow, turquoise.

The curtains live another day.

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Dianne said...

Love the curtains!!! Now I could do with some fantastic curtains like that in my bedroom - at the moment I have a sheet as the curtain.