Saturday, 15 December 2007

Yarn Swift

Hand dyed threads require a bit of preparation work before dyeing. The threads need to be wound into smaller skeins before dyeing. Michael asked for some more photos of my yarn swift. This is a fancy name for a tool I always thinks of as my thread winder. I guess it really is a yarn swift.
Alan made me mine. He's a gem. When I have a need for something he can usally put something together. This swift actually winds threads on cones and hanks.

Now Michael DO NOT get excited. This is not silk nor was the thread in the other photo. This is Stranded Cotton, the other was Rayon.

This is the swift without thread. The cones sits on the spool. The circular bit at the bottom is very important. It allows the cones to spin freely. The circular bit slides down over the spool and can be removed.

This is a photo with the circular bit (gotta love the technical stuff) removed. To the right is a counter. This is a counter from an old tape recorder.

This is looking at the swift from above. The upright has 2 holes for the thread to guide through. You only need to thread it through one.It depends on the type, thickness and how it comes as to which one I use. The thread is then wound around the nylon spool. This then rotates the counter. This allows me to measure 8m, 16m etc.

Now some threads come in Hanks. This is an attachement for the swift. It literally hold the hank in place. You thread it through the swift as before.

This whole thing collapses for easy storage. The cross pieces can be lifted off and folded flat. the uprights even lay flat. This thread is a 6 stranded silk. I haven't stocked it before nor have I used it to braid. I'll let you know when I have dyed it. at this rate it will be the New Year. Hope these help.


meushi said...

Thanks a lot Trish!

Alan built the swift more or less how I envisioned it. I still haven't decided wether to build mine with extensible arms or with replaceable arms.

Now that I know the thread wasn't silk, my quest has to resume :) I still hope to find a supplier of xxxl silk cones some day. I've seen pictures of those cones in Japan, so I know they do exist... I just can't seem to find a supplier for them.

Back to taking pictures of the hardware build for the next tutorial :)

Allison Ann Aller said...

Thanks for swinging by my blog, Trish, and leaving a comment so I could follow you back here.

Kumihimo is a whole new world to me!