Thursday, 20 December 2007

The Crafter's Way 35

It's been a few weeks since I have posted one of my Crafter's Way articles. I've got a few up my sleeve from when I was away but I've posted this one first as its fitting for the season. This is one for the kids.

Christmas Crafts

Here’s a fun and simple Christmas Craft idea for the kids to do while you are preparing for the big day. These look great as table decorations or grouped together on a side table.

You will need:

Cardboard or foam cone. If you can’t find a cone ready made you can assemble your own. Trace a semi-circle onto cardboard, cut out the shape. Fold the flat edge into a circle, tape in place.

Acrylic Green Paint:

Glitter paint


Christmas decoration


1.I used cardboard cones that my undyed threads come on.
First I sealed this with Gesso to provide a smooth surface. Omit this stage if using a foam or handmade cone.

2.Paint cone with green paint. This doesn’t take long to dry.

3.Shake glitter paint well and continue to shake intermittently. Apply a couple of thin coats rather than one thick coat. The glitter takes a couple of layers to build up.

4.When paint has dry. You can decorate. I used thin wire coated tinsel.
5. Make a small hook and place a small dab of glue onto tinsel.
6.Place the hook just over the top inside edge of the cone. I used a wooden clothes peg to hold in place until dry.
7.Wrap the tinsel around the tree firmly.
8. Glue decoration on top.

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