Saturday, 22 December 2007

Kumihimo Flowers

I've finally got around to posting some pictures of my very first kumihimo flower. The photos are of the some of the braiding steps. I'm not going to give written instructions. GO and BUY the book. Its worth it.

Both flowers have been completed using my Hand Dyed Threads. The first using a Cotton Spiral, the second using a Very Fine Cotton. Both have been warped for extra thickness.

I created a zig zag braid.

Once you have finished the braid put a little glue across the raw edges BEFORE trimming. This will prevent fraying as you sew the petal together.

I put the thimble in so you could see the size of the flower. I made 2 braids. The second had more zigs before I zagged. I joined the 2 flowers together.

Then I added beads.

This is my second flower. Its a different pattern, but basically the same principle. Its roughly the same size as the flower above.

I've finished the braiding of a 24 bobbins braid completed on the square discs. Not sneak peaks yet. I want to finish the beads before I show it. I'll be away for a few days over Christmas, back Boxing Day. Hopefully I'll get it done by then.

Merry Christmas, Stay safe.

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