Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Silver Anniversary 2

I 've had a few people email asking for more detail on how I did the Barcode Cross Stitch.

When I started I wasn't planning on using my cross stitch computer program. The initial plan was to graph it out as I went.

The first step was to type in my sister's and brother-in-law's names in the barcode font that comes with the word program. I typed them in the largest size, there's no sense going blind during the next step.

I then assigned the number of stitches based on the thickness of the bars. At first I only assigned stitches to the black bars however you also need to assign space for the white gap.

This image is my actual working diagram, the bottom number is the gap. The height of the bars were proportional.

After I had stitched the bars I sat and thought about their letters. At the beginning I had planned to stitch a border around the bars in the gap colour then back stitch the letters. I believe this will still work well if you don't have a program to design your letters.

For once I was well ahead of myself at this stage, the anniversary wasn't for another 2 months so I decided I had time to cross stitch the letters. Here I used the computer program.

This the actual graph in colour and symbol. The letters didn't exactly line up under their bars I needed to pay around with the spacing to get the right balance. This was probably the most time consuming part.

If you don't have a cross stitch program don't be put off from doing your own barcode, backstitching the letters will equally as effective. Have fun!

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