Saturday, 22 September 2007

New Hand Dyed Fabric

My Hand Dyed Fabric range has suddenly increased. I've been playing around with some colour combinations and as a result I've got 2 new colourways in the Enigma Range. I had been asked to dye a black, grey and red colourway. The resulting fabric wasn't quite what I initially wanted but I really like the mix. Its very dark and stormy. Its called Tempest.
The second colourway is Autumn Leaves; a mix of Gold, Leaf Green and Brown
Both will be available as single Fat 1/4's and in the 3pk. I haven't added them to the online shopping page yet.If you can't wait until I do please feel free to contact me/email me.
I'm going to keep trying for that "true" black. I'll post when I nail it.


Sophie said...

When you work out the technique for a "true black" please share as black is the elusive colour for me.

Mary said...

They look great Trish.